Don & Deb are full-time travelers.


This is the personal website of Donald and Deborah Potts. We are now retired and living life as world travelers; thus the name D & D World Travel. Don fully retired on his 50th birthday and Deb took a deferred retirement 10 months later at 47 years old. Don is retired from two careers, one as a 33 year Deputy Sheriff from Southern California and the other as a 28 year Sergeant Major with the US Army Reserve. Don also worked as a College Professor for 8 years. Deb took an 8 year deferred retirement from her long-time job as a Community College Program Coordinator so we could begin our travels together.

We disposed of our real estate to live the life of world travelers. Our primary residence is our Newmar Essex motor coach, followed by our two large timeshare points memberships, followed by as many cruises as we can afford when we are near any cities with a cruise terminal.

This website is our way of documenting all of our past, present, and future travel plans during retirement. We hope that our family and friends use this site to keep up with our whereabouts while we use it as a way to document and preserve everything for our twilight years. We will include articles, stories, maps, photos, trip logs, trip planners, travel blogs, tips, tidbits, and much more. We hope to update the website at least on a weekly basis as long as we can get a wireless internet signal.

Here is a link to our Travel Log that is maintained and updated by Don on this website. Don also creates Google Earth Mapping Files for all kinds of special categories such as various RV and Timeshare memberships.

Here is a link to Our Visited Places; this is our page listing all of the places that we have been to together "as a couple" since 1996.

We hope to see you during our world travels!
       Don and Debbie