Google Earth Mapping Files



The below listed links are to download .kmz files which open with Google Earth and/or Google Earth Pro. These files were created by Don & Debbie Potts so they could easily find and book campgrounds & timeshares as they travel around North America in their RV. These .kmz files are the absolute best way to find locations, plan routes, and book reservations since all of these files are linked directly to online websites. In the second set of links, you can download Google Earth, Google Earth Pro, Google Earth Plug-In, and Google Earth Mobile all for FREE. These are the programs that allow you to use these .kmz files for the ultimate trip planning experiences.


Casino Camper (last updated 05/14/2016)

Coast to Coast Campgrounds (last updated 05/14/2016)

State & County Fairgrounds RV Parks (last updated 05/14/2016)

Thousand Trails RV Parks (last updated 05/14/2016)

US Military Campgrounds & RV Parks (last updated 05/14/2016)

Vacation Internationale Timeshares

WorldMark Timeshares (last updated 05/14/2016)

Google Earth for Desktop (Google Earth and/or Google Earth Pro for FREE)

Google Earth Plug-in (View 3D Maps in your web browser)

Google Earth Mobile (Google Earth for Android or iOS smart phones)

D & D World Travel