Polychute RV Sewer Hose


Polychute RV Sewer HoseThe days of the ‘throw-away’ sewer hose are over! Polychute has re-invented the whole concept of RV waste disposal from one end to the other. The RV lifestyle must become safer, cleaner and greener in order to protect it. Polychute is proud to offer this revolutionary product toward that reality.

This page is an endorsement of the newest and greatest RV Sewer Hose ever made. There has never been an RV sewer hose like this one before and because of the patent, polychute will be the only maker and distributor for many years to come. I personally own and use this product (as well as the extra extension hose) myself on my RV and I will never have to purchase another sewer hose.

The Polychute sewer hose is available now, direct to you from the manufacturing facility in California, USA. Polychute invented it . . . they make it . . . and they fully guarantee it! This hose is crush proof, abrasion proof, puncture proof, de-lam proof, UV damage proof, and even fire proof. The hose also has all of the flex ribs (no wire used) on the outside of the hose so the inside of the hose is 100% smooth bore, therefore, no black water waste can ever get caught up in interior ribs like every other sewer hose that is made!!!

Features of the Polychute RV sewer hose are as follows:

This product is also reviewed by "THE RV DOCTOR". Gary Bunzer (aka The RV Doctor) provides tips and tricks about the repair and maintenance of recreational vehicles, whether motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers, truck campers or other RVs. Gary is the national authority on the subject of RV repair and maintenance and has written a book, written numerous articles, and produced numerous videos on the subjects of RV repair and maintenance. I strongly encourage you to watch Gary's product review video (4 min 20 sec) about the Polychute RV sewer hose and see for yourself why this is "THE BEST RV SEWER HOSE EVER MADE". Gary sums up everything nicely when he concludes his video by stating "I can't recommend a better hose!"

(Gary explains the attributes of the Polychute RV sewer hose.)

For more information on this product and to order one for yourself, please click on the following link. I do get a small commission if you purchase one of these sewer hoses and you get the exact same price since the company only sells this product at one price for all.

Polychute - The Ultimate RV Sewer Hose Assembly

You are really going to be happy with your Polychute RV Sewer Hose. It will be last sewer hose you ever have to buy!!!

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