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WorldMark The Club (WM) - (100,000 Credits Non-Housekeeping (NHK) Account and a 5,000 Credits Premier Membership)

Early History of the Club: 

Originally named WorldMark by Trendwest, this point-based vacation club was created in 1983 by Jeld-Wen Inc, a privately owned window and door manufacturer in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Jeld-Wen is a true American success story, incorporating in 1960 as a small millwork operation with just a handful of employees. In the early 1980's, annual sales numbers were nearing a Billion dollars and the company began to explore numerous investment and business opportunities. 

Executives for Jeld-Wen began making numerous investments in a variety of markets, including real estate. Their primary initial real estate development was the Eagle Crest golf resort located in Redmond, Oregon. By the late 80’s, timeshare sales at Eagle Crest began to soar and Jeld-Wen assigned William F. Peare with the task of developing an expanded timeshare program. He conducted surveys of Eagle Crest timeshare owners, and discovered that many owners simply wanted more flexibility in their ownership. In late 1989, Jeld-Wen created a company called Trendwest that sold the timeshare product WorldMark the Club, which is regarded as one of the early point based systems in the industry!

The unique system flourished, reaching annual sales in excess of $45 million by 1993, and eclipsing the $100 million mark in 1996! In 2002, Trendwest was acquired by the mammoth Cendant Corporation which owned timeshare brands such as Fairfield, Wyndham, and RCI. Even today, WorldMark the Club is still completely owned by the club members. The club membership then elects a governing board called the WorldMark Board which in turn hires a resort manager and resort developer for WorldMark The Club. At the present time, the governing board has hired Wyndham Destinations (stock ticker WYND) to manage its current resorts, and to develop/build its future resorts. WorldMark the Club boasts more than 270,000 members. It is widely regarded as "the best value" for any point based timeshare system in the world.

The Timeshare Resorts:

WorldMark offers 101 resorts located in both high traffic tourist markets such as Orlando, New Orleans, Las Vegas and Anaheim as well as a tremendous selection of drive to locations within a few hours of urban areas. WorldMark has been very selective in the resorts they acquire, and as a result boast award winning Gold Crown and five star resorts throughout the system. Many resorts are shared development properties that can also be owned as deeded ownership at the individual resort, or as part of another affiliated point system such as Wyndham Vacation Club.

The Non-Housekeeping Accounts Are The Best In Breed:

Our Non-Housekeeping (NHK) account was created by Trendwest back in Feb. 1991, long before Wyndham was ever created. There is no better WorldMark the Club membership that exists today; they are even better than the Wyndham Platinum Elite accounts. The NHK accounts can only be purchased from another owner, since there are less than 1,000 of these that still remain among the more than 270,000 current owner members. Since 2006, Wyndham has only been selling Travelshare (aka Travelshaft) premiere memberships, but their developer only perks DO NOT transfer to new owners.

There are 101 Resorts owned by the WorldMark Owners/Members:

WorldMark Resorts located in Arizona (06):

·         WorldMark Bison Ranch in Overgaard
·         WorldMark Havasu Dunes in Lake Havasu
·         WorldMark Phoenix - South Mountain Preserve
·         WorldMark Pinetop
·         WorldMark Rancho Vistoso in Oro Valley
·         WorldMark

WorldMark Resorts located in
Canada (05):

·         WorldMark Canmore-Banff
·         WorldMark Cascade Lodge in Whistler, BC
         WorldMark Sundance in Whistler, BC
·         WorldMark Canadian in Vancouver, BC
·         WorldMark Victoria, BC

WorldMark Resorts located in
California (21):

·         WorldMark Anaheim
·         WorldMark Anaheim - Dolphins Cove
·         WorldMark Angel's Camp
·         WorldMark Bass Lake
         WorldMark Big Bear in Big Bear Lake
·         WorldMark C
athedral City
·         WorldMark Clear Lake in Nice
·         WorldMark Indio
·         WorldMark Marina Dunes in Marina
·         WorldMark Mission Valley in San Diego
·         WorldMark Murrietta
·         WorldMark Oceanside Harbor in Oceanside
·         WorldMark Olympic Village Inn
·         WorldMark Palm Springs
·         WorldMark Palm Springs - Plaza Resort & Spa
·         WorldMark P
ismo Beach
·         WorldMark Beachcomber in Pismo Beach
·         WorldMark San Diego
·         WorldMark San Francisco
·         WorldMark Solvang
·         WorldMark Windsor

WorldMark Resorts located in Colorado (04):

·         WorldMark Estes Park
·         WorldMark
Granby - Rocky Mountain Reserve
Pagosa in Pagosa Springs
·         WorldMark Steamboat Springs

WorldMark Resorts located in
Fiji (01):

·         WorldMark Fiji

WorldMark Resorts located in Florida (06):

·         WorldMark OceanWalk in Daytona Beach
·         WorldMark Fort Lauderdale - Palm Aire in Pompano Beach
Fort Lauderdale - Santa Barbara in Pompano Beach
Fort Lauderdale - Sea Gardens in Pompano
         WorldMark Orlando - Kingstown Reef
·         WorldMark Orlando - Reunion

WorldMark Resorts located in Hawaii (04):

·         WorldMark Kapa'a Shores in Kauai
·         WorldMark Kihei in Maui
         WorldMark Kona in Kailua
·         WorldMark Valley Isle in Maui

WorldMark Resorts located in I
daho (02):

·         WorldMark Arrow Point in Harrison
         WorldMark McCall

WorldMark Resorts located in
Illinois (01):

·         WorldMark Galena

WorldMark Resorts located in
Louisiana (01):

·         WorldMark New Orleans - Avenue Plaza

WorldMark Resorts located in
Mexico (04):

·         WorldMark Coral Baja in San Jose del Cabo
·         WorldMark Isla Mujeres
         WorldMark La Paloma in Rosarito Beach
·         WorldMark Zihuatanejo

WorldMark Resorts located in
Missouri (02):

·         WorldMark Branson
         WorldMark Lake of the Ozarks in Osage Beach

WorldMark Resorts located in
Montana (01):

·         WorldMark West Yellowstone

WorldMark Resorts located in
Nevada (06):

·         WorldMark Las Vegas - Boulevard
·         WorldMark Las Vegas - Spencer Street
·         WorldMark Las Vegas - Tropicana Avenue
         WorldMark Reno
·         WorldMark South Shore in Zephyr Cove
·         WorldMark Tahoe in Stateline

WorldMark Resorts located in New Mexico (03):

·         WorldMark Red River
·         WorldMark Santa Fe
·         WorldMark Taos

WorldMark Resorts located in
Oklahoma (01):

·         WorldMark Grand Lake in Afton

WorldMark Resorts located in
Oregon (08):

·         WorldMark Bend - Seventh Mountain Resort
·         WorldMark Depoe Bay
         WorldMark Eagle Crest in Redmond
·         WorldMark Gleneden in Gleneden Beach
Portland - Waterfront Park
·         WorldMark Running Y in Klamath Falls
         WorldMark Schooners Landing in Newport
·         WorldMark Seaside

WorldMark Resorts located in Pennsylvania (01):

·         WorldMark Shawnee Village in Shawnee-on-Delaware

WorldMark Resorts located in South Carolina (01):

·         WorldMark Myrtle Beach - Plantation Resort in Surfside Beach

WorldMark Resorts located in
Texas (04):

·         WorldMark Austin
·         WorldMark Hunt - Stablewood Springs Resort
·         WorldMark Marble Falls
·         WorldMark New Braunfels

WorldMark Resorts located in U.S. Virgin Islands (01):

·         WorldMark St. Thomas - Elysian Beach Resort

WorldMark Resorts located in Utah (07):

·         WorldMark Bear Lake in Garden City
·         WorldMark
Estancia in St. George
·         WorldMark Midway
·         WorldMark Moab
·         WorldMark Park City
·         WorldMark St. George
·         WorldMark Wolf Creek in Eden

WorldMark Resorts located in Washington (11):

·         WorldMark Blaine
·         WorldMark Birch Bay
·         WorldMark Camlin in Seattle
·         WorldMark Chelan - Lake House
·         WorldMark Deer Harbor
·         WorldMark Discovery Bay in Townsend
·         WorldMark Lake Chelan Shores in Chelan
·         WorldMark Leavenworth
·         WorldMark Long Beach
·         WorldMark Mariner Village in Ocean Shores
·         WorldMark Surfside Inn in Ocean Park

WorldMark members also currently receive reciprocal usage at many Wyndham Vacation Club affiliated resorts as well as several Vacation Internationale destinations.

Introduction to Ownership, System Rules, and Usage Strategies:

The First Rule of Timeshare is that ownership should never be considered a financial investment in real estate. Timeshare properties do not generally appreciate over time. Often, the only true gauge of a timeshare's value is your usage and enjoyment of the property, and in the photos and memories of your incredible vacations!

Ownership Types:

WorldMark the Club and WorldMark Asia Pacific are two separate companies, but cooperate with a shared reservation system based on annual credit allotments. Owners in one system can access resorts in the other, but they do have a slightly smaller reservation window out of their home system. Both systems are non-deeded ownerships of a specific allotment of annual credits. (The only exception to this would be original owners of the Eagle Crest Resort, who may have an underlying deed.).

Almost all ownerships are classified as Premier Memberships. These are owned in-perpetuity and do not expire. Premier Memberships receive access to bonus time usage. They can be sold and can be willed to your heirs (although Wyndham developer extras such as TravelShare and Elite status do not transfer).


WorldMark follows three simple season designations. These are red for high season, white for mid season, and blue for low demand season.

Exchange Options:

There are different ways to exchange your ownership week for another resort. The easiest way is using your WorldMark credits to reserve at another Club affiliate. To go outside the Club's affiliated resorts, a third party exchange system must be used such as Interval International (II), Resort Condominiums International (RCI), or a smaller system such as SFX Resorts. 


Maintenance fees are determined each year based on the overall operating budget of the Club. These assessments will vary from year to year, and you should expect these fees to increase each and every year that Wyndham is hired as the property managers. Therefore, you should always consider current and future annual fees before making a purchase.

Generally, the annual allotment of credits or points determines the annual dues amount (the original deeded owner's at Eagles Crest are the exception). Fees are made up of a base amount, which is then adjusted by the number of credits owned. For 2011, the base amount is $148.27. If you own multiple contracts that have not been combined into a single account, you will pay this base amount for each contract that you own plus $.045992 per credit. Most buyers who are adding credits to their existing membership choose to combine the accounts to avoid this additional fee. If you purchase a second account, you can combine the new account with the old account, or you can keep the two accounts separate; many owners choose to combine accounts to save a little (the base amount of $148.27 for the second account) on yearly maintenance dues. After the base amount assessment, owners pay an additional amount for every 2,500 credits owned. For 2011, this assessment varies for each bracket of points owned. For dues calculation, you always round up to the next multiple of 2,500. Below are the maintenance dues for points brackets up to 25,000 credits; plus 50,000, 75,000 and what we pay for a 100,000 credit account. I have also posted a link to the entire WorldMark Maintenance Dues Chart. WorldMark splits the annual dues into 4 quarterly billing statements for no additional costs if you set up an automatic pay plan for your dues.

The amounts for WorldMark yearly maintenance dues.

You can see that there are some point levels where it makes perfect sense to purchase a larger allotment, since the fees are the same as a lower point level. For example, buyers who determine that they will need 8,000 credits for their planned reservations might be wise to purchase a 10,000 credit contract since the annual fees are exactly the same. The slight difference in the initial purchase price will be offset over the years by the annual dues savings! Plus you can always bank or sell the unused points from your account each year, either giving you more usage or further reducing your annual costs!  Owners can also buy or sell one time usage credits or housekeeping tokens.

Housekeeping fees must also be paid with each reservation. Each owner receives at least one free housekeeping service each year (one free housekeeping token is given for every 10,000 credits owned). Once you are out of housekeeping tokens, a housekeeping fee will be charged for each reservation based on the unit reserved.

The amounts for WorldMark housekeeping fees.


Red season reservations require a minimum seven night stay when booking from 91 days to 13 months in advance of the requested dates. This reservation may be split among two or more resorts as a Group Booking Reservation, but must still be at least seven consecutive days. The reservation may not be for more than 14 nights. The minimum stay requirement is removed (except for Weekend Only bookings) for reservations made 90 days or less from the requested usage dates.

White and Blue season reservations can be made from 48 hours prior up to 13 months in advance of the requested usage dates. There is no minimum stay requirement for these reservations, except for Weekend Only bookings.

Weekend Only reservations require that both Friday and Saturday be reserved when available. If another day of the week is reserved in combination with either Friday or Saturday it is not considered a Weekend Only booking (for example a Thursday & Friday reservation, or a Saturday, Sunday & Monday reservation are both acceptable!). Owners may only have one Weekend Only reservation pending on their account for every 5,000 credits owned. Once a Weekend Only reservation is used, however, another may be made immediately up to the maximum number allowed for your point allotment.

Saving and Borrowing Credits:

Unused credits are automatically saved or banked on your account at your anniversary date. Once saved, credits will remain available for two years. Owners also have the ability to borrow credits from the next usage year. If you find that you have saved credits that are about to expire, you can also extend the life of those points even further by making a reservation up to 13 months out! WorldMark's policies for saving credits are among the most owner friendly in the industry, and give you an incredible amount of flexibility and protection from losing points due to non-usage! WorldMark also allows you to borrow future credits. If you are short credits for a reservation request, you can borrow from your future usage without having to prepay the next year's maintenance fees.

Bonus Time reservations:

This is one of the most popular benefits of a WorldMark ownership for those who have the ability and flexibility to take advantage of last minute cancellations. These reservations are made with cash, and do not require housekeeping fees. For 2012, the rate for bonus time reservations is $.052 per credit, with a minimum charge of $40.00 per night.

Reservations can be made up to 14 days in advance of the dates of travel (five days or less if you are booking the reservation in a guest's name) and you can stay up to a maximum of four consecutive days. The weekend only booking requirement does apply to bonus time, so if you reserve a Friday night via bonus time- you must also reserve Saturday night if it is available.

Owners are allowed to have only one bonus time reservation pending at a time. However, you can use Group Booking to make reservations at multiple resorts as long as the reservations are for consecutive days. There are no restrictions on the total number of bonus time reservations you can use each year, but members are only allowed to make a single weekend only bonus time reservation each quarter for each 10,000 credits owned.

Exotic Bonus Time reservations:

This includes bonus time usage for resorts in Hawaii, Fiji, and San Jose del Cabo. The guidelines for these reservations are slightly different, but actually allow for even more flexibility and usage for owners at some of the Club's most popular resort affiliates! The cost per credit is the same as standard bonus time reservations.
Reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance of the dates of travel and there are no restrictions for guest reservations.  You can stay up to a maximum of thirty consecutive days, and can use the Group Booking principle to stay at multiple resorts during that time (this is a fantastic benefit for the resorts in Hawaii, as it allows owners to island hop and explore all the breathtaking islands!). The weekend only booking requirement does apply to bonus time, so if you reserve a Friday night via bonus time- you must also reserve Saturday night if it is available.

Owners are allowed to have only one bonus time reservation pending at a time. However, you can use Group Booking to make reservations at multiple resorts as long as the reservations are for consecutive days. There are no restrictions on the total number of bonus time reservations you can use each year, but members are only allowed to make a single weekend only bonus time reservation each quarter for each 10,000 credits owned.

WorldMark Owner Education Program:

This is another aspect of WorldMark ownership that truly impresses me! The Club frequently offers free Owners Education Workshops at many of their resorts. These workshops provide members with strategies and personal assistance in order for owners to learn to maximize their usage and enjoyment. WorldMark demonstrates a consistent belief that educating members is the best way to ensure owner satisfaction, and these workshops are a great way to stay up to date with developer programs and usage opportunities.
Credit Chart:

Members can view the credit chart here: 2011/2012 WorldMark Daily Vacation Credit Values Guide.

WorldMark gives us a lifetime of luxurious resort timeshares for vacationing and we both look forward to the time outside of the RV. If you decide to join, please tell them Donald J. and Deborah A. Potts sent you; we get a little club recognition by receiving some free annual vacation credits for anyone that joins and gives our information as the referring members through the Friends First® Rewards by WorldMark!!!

Vacation Internationale (VI) - (319 Points Prestige-Platinum Owners) - program is one of the oldest timeshare programs in the United States. Opening in 1974 as a floating week timeshare in Hawaii, they soon added additional resorts.  By 1976, there were a total of four resorts. Bob Ringenburg (one of the two founding owners) decided there had to be an easier and more flexible way for the members to use their week. Thus, the ex-Boeing engineer went to work on developing the very first timeshare point system. Today, there are 44 resorts in the VI program and the original point system is still in effect. The point system allows members to stay as little as one day (in most cases) or up to several weeks at any one resort OR island hop in Hawaii, by staying a few days at several different resorts (this however will result in maid fees).

Point System

Each year your allocation of points is deposited into your account. You have 4 years in which to use your points or they will be forfeited. You may also borrow ahead from your next year.

Point Usage

Reservations may be made from 2 days –365 days in advance. There are always at least 3 seasons used at each of the 50 resorts, Prime, Choice and Quiet. Most VI resorts have studio, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units. The amount of points one could use at the different resorts is almost as varied as the number of resorts in the VI system, but typically, the studios average 59-77 points per week, the 1 bedrooms 77-105  points per week and the 2 bedrooms 94-133 points per week.

Membership Costs

Operating Fund: More commonly referred to as a maintenance fee, it includes on site management and check in; maid and linen service; interior maintenance and repairs; HOA fees; utilities; property taxes, insurance; land leases; reservation services; off site resort administration management fee; and refurbishment reserves to refurbish and upgrade every unit every five years. The annual assessment rate is currently at $7.28 per point for 2012 - 2013.

Reservation Booking Fee

Each reservation confirmed will be charged a non-refundable $20 Reservation Booking Fee at the time of confirmation.

Bonus Time

Within 15 days of check in, rentals of excess units are available on a 1st come 1st served basis at very affordable rates.

Direct Owner Exchanges (DOE program)

VI accepts any red or white week in the US, Canada, Mexico, or Europe for deposit. You will receive 



1 Bedroom


2 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


In order to make a deposit you will need to use the on line form, pay the reservation fee and agree to add any exchanger as your guest and furnish updated check in confirmations. These deposits are available to VI owners as exchanges for the same point values, plus the per week exchange fee. The VI point cost varies with the time of year and number of bedrooms and it also requires a non-refundable exchange fee and non-refundable booking fee of $20 per reservation will be collected via credit card when you confirm an exclusive nightly exchange reservation.

Here is additional information on the benefits of the Vacation Internationale Prestige Program.; we own the Prestige-Platinum level with 319 points. Chart of most up-to-date Prestige Benefits.

Resorts in the VI System

From east coast to west, Canada to Mexico, islands to mountains, VI brings an array of vacation destinations to satisfy your need to explore or to escape the grind of everyday life. A small European-style lodge, an authentic Old West town, ‘the Garden Isle’ and the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’, sea grass covered dunes, the powerful Pacific Ocean, giant Ponderosa pine trees, sea lions barking down at the resort dock, snow-capped mountains soaring to the bluest of skies, ancient Red Rocks that fire the imagination, a sunset clambake, the world’s most active volcano, a picturesque colonial village that embodies all of the characteristics you’ve come to expect in a modern resort.

Resorts in Canada:

# Pinnacle Lodge, BC

# Rosewood Inn, BC

# Royal Victoria Suites, BC

# St. Ives on the Shuswap, BC

# The Clock Tower, BC

# VI at Rosedale on Robson, BC

Resorts in Mexico:

# Vallarta Torre, JA, MX

# Torres Mazatlan, SI, MX

Resorts in the USA:

# Butterfield Park, AZ

# Sedona Springs, AZ

# Villas at Poco Diablo, AZ

# Villas of Sedona, AZ

# Kingsbury of Tahoe, CA

# Marina Inn, CA

# The Lodge at Lake Tahoe, CA

# The Oasis, CA

# The Village at Steamboat, CO

# Cypress Pointe, FL

# Sand Pebble, FL

# Ventura at Boca Raton, FL

# Windjammer Resort, FL

# Aloha Towers, HI

# Fairway Villa, HI

# Hololani, HI

# Kapaa Shore, HI

# Kauhale Makai, HI

# Keauhou-Kona Surf & Racquet Club, HI

# Kihei Kai Nani, HI

# Makai Club, HI

# Papakea, HI

# Pono Kai, HI

# Royal Kuhio, HI

# Sea Mountain, HI

# Sea Village, HI

# Valley Isle, HI

# Waikiki Skytower, HI

# Elkhorn Village, ID

# Stoneridge, ID

# The Cove at Yarmouth, MA

# Eagles Nest at Indian Point, MO

# The Village of Loon Mountain, NH

# Carriage House Las Vegas, NV

# Kingsbury of Tahoe, NV

# Tahoe Trail, NV

# The Lodge at Lake Tahoe, NV

# The Inn at Otter Crest, OR

# The Embarcadero, OR

# The Pines at Sunriver, OR

# Beachcomber Resort, WA

# Blackbird Lodge, WA

# Point Brown, WA

# VI at Homestead Farms, WA


There are several types of ownerships in the resale market. The originals were sold as a annual or bi-annual right to use, with many of them being for only 30 years. In recent years they have been selling annual perpetual points. Be aware when purchasing, of the time left to use. At the present time Interval International (II), Resort Condominiums International (RCI), or any of the independent trade companies are how you can make external trades. Vacation Internationale gives us a lifetime of prepaid, luxurious resort timeshares for vacationing and we both look forward to the time outside of the RV. If you decide to join, please tell them Donald J. and Deborah A. Potts sent you; we get a little club recognition by receiving some free annual vacation credits for anyone that joins and gives our information as the referring members!!!

Interval International (II) - (Platinum Member) - Interval International is the best timeshare exchange company in the world consisting of 2,500 of the highest quality member resorts. Their member benefits include: timeshare exchanges; timeshare getaways; member coupons; travel insurance; huge resort directory full of the highest quality resorts; guest certificates; bonus certificates; a monthly magazine titled Interval World Magazine; timely and pertinent email newsletter; and the absolute lowest prices for exchanges, getaways, and guest certificates. If any timeshare(s) you own qualify you to join II, this is a "no brainer" membership to take advantage of. All of the best 4 and 5 star quality timeshare companies in the world list with II which includes Bluegreen, Four Seasons, Diamond Resorts, Escapes!, Hilton, Marriott, Premiere, Shell, Sheraton, Silverleaf, Starwood, Vacation Internationale, Welk, Westgate, Westin, WorldMark and many, many more.

Resort Condominiums International (RCI) - (Regular Member) - Resort Condominiums International is the largest timeshare exchange company in the world consisting of 4,500 member resorts. They have both a points and a weeks membership; we happen to have a points membership. Their member benefits include: timeshare exchanges; extra vacationsSM getaways; last callSM vacations; vacation protection insurance; a monthly magazine titled Endless Vacation magazine; combine deposits for higher trading value; extend your deposits for more use time; guest certificates; and more. If any timeshare(s) you own qualify you to join RCI, this membership is one you should take advantage of. Though most quality resorts (except Disney) use II rather than RCI; RCI does have the largest number of resorts with more resorts in foreign countries if you like to travel abroad.

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