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This page has information on many of the different clubs, organizations, etc. that we are members of. Since fulltime RVing and worldwide travel is a nomadic lifestyle, we want to be able to keep in touch with family and friends through our memberships in these various organizations. Many RV clubs, campground memberships, military organizations, timeshare ownerships, and such have periodic meetings, rallies, caravans, special events, get-togethers, etc. and this is our way of staying in touch with others that belong to the same memberships, organizations, and ownerships as us.

Good Sam Club - (Life Member# 64450398) - The Good Sam Club is the world's largest RV owners community and your one-stop resource for all things RV. The Good Sam Club holds the greatest RV rally in the world each year and it is called The Rally. Member benefits include: 10% discounts at over 1600 RV parks across the USA and Canada; access to the Good Sam Extended Warranty Service for RV; access to Emergency Roadside Service (ERS) for RV and towd; access to Vehicle Insurance Plan (VIP) for your RV and towed; access to financial services such as financing/refinancing for your RV; a very active online discussion forum; access to Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+) medical plan; a well written, article packed monthly RV magazine called Highways; access to free personal travel websites (RV travel blogs), access to free RV trip routing; access to mail forwarding service to full-timers that want to claim Florida as their domicile state; access to CyberSam e-newsletter; access to Smile & Save Discounts through member businesses; access to numerous Good Sam RV shows, clubs, rallies (samborees), tours (caraventures), and much more. If you decide to join, please tell them Donald J. and Deborah A. Potts (Life Member# 64450398) sent you; we get a little club recognition for anyone that joins and gives our information as the referring members!!!

Escapees RV Club - (Life Member# SKP100891) - The Escapees RV Club is one of the friendliest, close knit RV communities in the world where members always great each other with big hugs; this club is absolutely #1 for fulltime RVers. To fulfill their mission, Escapees offers fun and adventure events for Rvers such as rallies (Escapades), caravans (HOPS) and get-togethers (local clubs & BOFs); a state-of- the-art website with a  discussion forum dedicated to informing members about club events, parks, activities, products, and services; a best-of-its-kind magazine titled Escapees Magazine that is loaded with articles and information written by RVers for RVers; the best mail receiving and forwarding service in the country which is especially used by fulltimers wanting Texas as their domicile state; an extensive network of 19 Escapee member parks (very low cost with home-base options) and 1000 affiliate parks (15% discount); access to CARE – the only adult day care program designed by RVers to meet the needs of RVers. If you decide to join, please tell them Donald J. and Deborah A. Potts (Life Member# SKP100891) sent you; we get a little club recognition for anyone that joins and gives our information as the referring members!!!

Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) - (Life Member# F415098) - Since 1963 FMCA has issued more than 400,000 memberships to families who look to the association as their source of information about all facets of motorhome ownership and travel. The purpose of FMCA is to organize social activities, exchange motorhome information, and supply benefits made possible, in part, by collective purchasing. The interest of the Association also extends into the area of political and legislative action. FMCA supports recreation programs and the legal rights of RV owners. FMCA takes pride in the merit of its many membership benefits: numerous rallies & tours (including two huge international rallies each year); free trip routing; access to mail forwarding service that is especially nice for fulltimers that want Florida as their domicile state; access to the FMCA website and their great RV discussion forums; free article packed monthly magazine titled Family Motor Coaching Magazine; free MedEx Plus - an emergency medical evacuation program; free Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance; access to group rates on an Emergency Roadside Assistance (ERS) plan through Coach Net; and access to group rates on RV/towd insurance through GMAC Insurance. One of the greatest benefits of FMCA membership is the opportunity it provides for enjoying the fellowship of friends from all over the country who share a common interest, motorhoming. The Association is rich in the tradition of FMCA members extending hands of genuine friendship to one another. FMCA members can be identified by the FMCA “goose egg," or membership emblem, displayed on their motorhome. This oval plate, embossed with the family's membership number, opens the door for many friendly encounters while traveling. If you decide to join, please tell them Donald J. and Deborah A. Potts (Member# F415098) sent you; we get a little club recognition for anyone that joins and gives our information as the referring members!!! We are also members of the following three chapters within the FMCA:  FMCA Fulltimers Chapter; Newmar International Chapter of FMCA; and the Spartan Chassis International Chapter of FMCA.

Newmar Kountry Klub (NKK) - (Member# F19311) - The “Kountry Klub,” as it is known, is one of the leading RV social clubs in the recreational vehicle industry. Their members are from all over the United States and Canada. This is an exclusive club for owners of Newmar recreational vehicles and offers many advantages and benefits to our members. These are the unique characteristics of the Kountry Klub. Their members travel together, much like a large family, all over North America or reunite in various areas of the country at rallies, special events and caravans. Through the Kountry klub we have the opportunity to have open relations and communication between Newmar Corporation and our owners of Newmar RV's. They have created an environment for fellowship, adventure, friendship and recreational fun. The NKK has a huge international rally each year, as well as numerous chapter rallies, and some of the best RV caravans (RV tours) in the world. The NKK publishes a periodical RV magazine title Newmar Konnection Magazine. We are also members of the NKK Fulltimers Chapter within the NKK Club.

Special Military Active Retired Travel Club (SMART) - (Member# 13437) - Special Military Active & Retired Travel Club (SMART) brings military veterans (active, retired, & honorably discharged) together to share camaraderie, travel, RVing, and to support our veterans. They provide information for the military RV family, and support welfare programs while "Seeing the Country We Defend." S*M*A*R*T is a recreational vehicle (RV) social club for active, retired, and honorably discharged military veterans (and spouses), including reservists and National Guard, from all the uniformed services. Founded in 1982 they have 50+ chapters across the U.S., encompassing all 50 states with 1,570 members (current as of Mach 2012). Touted as one of the "best kept secrets", S*M*A*R*T welcomes all eligible veterans. Their members believe there is something for everyone in S*M*A*R*T. Caravans are another unique aspect of S*M*A*R*T. Experienced members, called Wagonmasters, volunteer to lead caravans to many exciting places, such as Alaska, New England, Southwest, Mexico, Australia/New Zealand, cruises and many more.  S*M*A*R*T boasts the "best" prices in the RV travel industry. If you decide to join, write in my name or membership number as "Referred by" - Donald J. Potts or Member# 13437; I will get a little club recognition for anyone that joins and gives my information as the referring member!!!

Thousand Trails (TT)/NACO/Leisure Time (LT)/Mid-Atlantic (MA)/Outdoor World (OW)/Encore - Equity Lifestyle Properties (ELS) - (Ultimate Odyssey Lifetime Membership # 298854970) - Thousand Trails is the largest private system of RV camping and outdoor preserves in America. Most of their properties are known as preserves because they strive to protect the nature and beauty of the natural environment. Today, Thousand Trails offers premium outdoor destinations to more than 130,000 member families at over 81 preserves. The preserves are currently situated throughout 22 states and British Columbia, Canada. Members using the preserves bring their own recreational vehicles or campers to visit overnight. They may also book rental accommodations located at the campgrounds or just visit for the day. Some campers come just for a fun weekend with their families, while others may camp for weeks, touring the country and enjoying our hospitality from coast to coast. The members have full access to all of the premium amenities each time they stay with them. Dedicated staff and a loyal membership are two of the reasons for their success. While they are a members-only network, they always welcome new visitors. Their properties are known as preserves because they protect the nature and beauty of the environment for our members' enjoyment. For example, they protect the wild life, encourage bicycles rather than cars and handle waste in an eco-friendly manner. They employ professional staff to maintain the preserves and provide family entertainment and recreational programs. The parks feature large swimming pools, spas, hiking trails, lodges, lakes, miniature golf, fishing, and boating. Campsites offer electrical, water, and sewer connections for RVs, barbeque pits, restroom and shower facilities, and recreational amenities. At each resort, they provide a secure gated environment with park rangers who look out for our members’ safety. TT also publishes a monthly magazine titled Trailblazer magazine. Our Ultimate Odyssey lifetime membership gives us 81 Thousand Trails campgrounds for life; 27 Encore campgrounds for life (total number of combined parks of 108); 28 day maximum stay per reservation; park to park privileges with no time out of the system; $29 for extra week stay (making a 5 week stay) that can be used twice per year; 2 years free RPI Preferred Gold membership added on to the end of our current RPI Preferred Gold with Vacation Credits & Resort Connections membership; frozen "for life" yearly TT maintenance dues starting at age 62; can make account inactive for up to 5 years with no maintenance fees due; 50% off weekly cabin rentals; rent getaway cabins for $49 per night; one free getaway cabin week per year for 10 years; right to trade the free getaway cabin week for a condominium week around the world with PRI Resort Connections; may will, sell, or transfer the membership; can will 8 ultimate odyssey lifetime memberships to family members (parents, children, grand-children, siblings, nieces & nephews); give away 8 courtesy cards to family members; give away 4 national memberships to family (with a value of  $1,995.00 each with yearly maintenance dues starting at $199.00 per year; free lifetime membership to Enjoy America 50% off campgrounds; and lifetime free Ready Camp Go (RCG) Platinum membership that allows $23.00 per day Encore campground stays for up to 90 days per year. We are Ultimate Odyssey members and thus have unlimited, lifetime, free access to all of their membership campgrounds: 81 Thousand Trail campgrounds & 27 Encore campgrounds = 108 total campgrounds.

Ready Camp Go (RCG) - (Platinum Lifetime Membership) - This membership allows us access to use the 100+ nationwide Encore RV resort campgrounds owned by Equity Lifestyle Properties (ELS). Encore RV resort campgrounds offers some of the most desirable vacation destinations including the sandy beaches of Florida, the serenity of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, the beauty of the Eastern Seaboard, Arizona's Valley of the Sun, the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, the Pacific Coast, and more! Each of their resorts is filled with fun for everyone, with special themed events like casino nights and Hawaiian luaus, tournaments, concerts, cook-outs, social and recreational activities and more. Encore RV resorts and campgrounds are designed for both long-term stays and mini vacations. When you choose Encore for your travel accommodations, you can expect to find full RV hook-ups and premium amenities. Each location has a unique set of lodging options to help you make the most of your stay. The fantastic amenities and activities include Clubhouses, Fitness Centers, Card Clubs, Choirs, Silversmithing, Wood Shops, Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Horseback Riding, Biking, Hiking, Softball, Water Sports, Shuffleboard, Lawn Bowling, Pickle Ball, Pétanque, Billiards, Bocce Ball, Ceramics, and many others types of special events. We are allowed to use these campgrounds for up to 90 days per year at a cost of $23.00 per day. The reservation window is 90 days.

Coast to Coast (C2C) - (Deluxe Lifetime Membership) - Since 1972, Coast to Coast Resorts has been the industry leader in bringing RV enthusiasts access to some of the finest “members-only” CampResorts in the country. In fact, Coast’s primary focus is to make it possible for people who purchase memberships at private CampResorts to maximize their destination and vacation choices. To fulfill this mission, Coast to Coast has created an internationally recognized network of hundreds of affiliated private CampResorts, enhanced with hundreds of Good Neighbor Parks/Best Parks in America, forming a network of beautiful properties where nearly any vacation experience can be found. As part of the Affinity Group, Inc. family of companies, Coast to Coast Resorts is in good company. The Coast to Coast network, the largest in North America, creates a vast range of choices from which to choose. Maybe this year it’s the mountains and next year the desert, or a fishing trip this year and beach holiday the next. These are some of the nation’s top-ranked, members-only CampResorts with immaculate campsites, on-site security, superior amenities and legendary reputations for going above and beyond when it comes to taking care of guests. The fabulous amenities, quality and wide diversity at Coast to Coast CampResorts, plus the ease of making reservations are key Coast member benefits. Add to this the valuable array of members-only benefits such as a discount hotel program, travel services (including airfare and car rental), Coast publications (annual directory, magazine published eight times a year, and buyers guide) with additional Platinum level benefits such as cabin and condominium rental, trip routing, and dining and leisure discounts. With our C2C Deluxe membership, we have access to the member parks for up to 14 consecutive nights (rather than the Classic membership with a 7 night stay limit) at a time for $9.20 per night camping fee. There is no 125 mileage restriction within the Deluxe membership level. The Deluxe membership also gives us access to all Classic resorts as well as all Deluxe resorts. It's easy to see why so many savvy travelers love being in Coast. The affiliated Good Neighbor Parks (GNP) and Best Parks can be accessed for $15.00 per night.

Resort Parks International (RPI) - (Preferred Gold with Vacation Credits & Resort Connections Lifetime Membership) - Resort Parks International began in 1983 and has since grown to become a leading member-only RV reciprocal camping program in North America. Their network includes 200 private RV resorts, 400 public RV campgrounds, cabins and hundreds of condominiums world wide and they are constantly seeking to add more options for their members. The RPI Preferred Gold membership allows members to have unlimited stays of up to 14 consecutive days at each RPI Preferred resort throughout most of the year. During peak weeks, members can have two visits of up to 14 consecutive days at each resort. Peak weeks are high-use weeks within a resort's camping season. There must be seven days between visits to the same resort or resort group. Members pay $10 per night at RPI Preferred resorts nationwide. There is no 125 mileage restriction within the RPI Preferred network. RPI Preferred members may visit all RPI Preferred resorts regardless of their home residence. Preferred members also get family passes. A Family Pass allows adult children over 21 years of age and friends to use RPI Preferred resorts on their own. Four certificates are included with the RPI Preferred membership and four additional certificates are included with the annual renewal. Each Family Pass is good for one stay of up to seven consecutive nights at $15 per night for RV sites. The rates for rental accommodations vary. Only one Family Pass may be used at any time in the RPI Preferred network. Certificates are good for a maximum of two visits to the same RPI Preferred resort or RPI Preferred resort group per year and there must be seven days between visits. Major holidays and peak season dates are excluded and other restrictions may apply. RPI Preferred members also receive a 50% discount off the standard nightly fee at affiliated public parks in the Enjoy America! network. Discounts are good for the duration of your stay as specified by each Enjoy America! park.

Passport America (PA) - (Life Gold Member) - Passport America is the Original 50% Discount Camping Club. Since 1992 they have provided the best discounts on nightly camping rates to thousands of members at hundreds of campgrounds, RV Parks, and resorts nationwide. They now offer 1610 campgrounds affiliated with Passport America in the US, Canada, and Mexico for their members to save while they camp. Passport America is the lowest priced, fastest growing, and most exciting discount camping club of its kind.

WorldMark The Club (WM) - (100,000 NHK Credits Platinum Elite and a 5,000 Credits Premier Membership) - WorldMark is a points-based (referred to as Vacation Credits), right-to-use, recurring timeshare membership which is renewed in perpetuity and may be willed to one's heirs. WorldMark gives us a lifetime of prepaid, luxurious resort timeshares for vacationing and we both look forward to the time outside of the RV. If you decide to join, please tell them Donald J. and Deborah A. Potts sent you; we get a little club recognition by receiving some free annual vacation credits for anyone that joins and gives our information as the referring members through the Friends First® Rewards by WorldMark!!!

Vacation Internationale (VI) - (319 Points Prestige-Platinum Owners) - The Vacation Internationale (VI) program is one of the oldest timeshare programs in the United States. Opening in 1974 as a floating week timeshare in Hawaii, they soon added additional resorts. Bob Ringenburg (one of the two founding owners) decided there had to be an easier and more flexible way for the members to use their week. Thus, the ex-Boeing engineer went to work on developing the very first timeshare point system. Today, there are 44 resorts in the VI program and the original point system is still in effect. The point system allows members to stay as little as one day (in most cases) or up to several weeks at any one resort or island hop in Hawaii, by staying a few days at several different resorts. Vacation Internationale gives us a lifetime of prepaid, luxurious resort timeshares for vacationing and we both look forward to the time outside of the RV. If you decide to join, please tell them Donald J. and Deborah A. Potts sent you; we get a little club recognition by receiving some free annual vacation credits for anyone that joins and gives our information as the referring members!!! Chart of most up-to-date Prestige Benefits.

Interval International (II) - (Platinum Member) - Interval International is the best timeshare exchange company in the world consisting of 2,500 of the highest quality member resorts. Their member benefits include: timeshare exchanges; timeshare getaways; member coupons; travel insurance; huge resort directory full of the highest quality resorts; guest certificates; bonus certificates; a monthly magazine titled Interval World Magazine; timely and pertinent email newsletter; and the absolute lowest prices for exchanges, getaways, and guest certificates. If any timeshare(s) you own qualify you to join II, this is a "no brainer" membership to take advantage of. All of the best 4 and 5 star quality timeshare companies in the world list with II which includes Bluegreen, Four Seasons, Diamond Resorts, Escapes!, Hilton, Marriott, Premiere, Shell, Sheraton, Silverleaf, Starwood, Vacation Internationale, Welk, Westgate, Westin, WorldMark and many, many more.

Resort Condominiums International (RCI) - (Regular Member) - Resort Condominiums International is the largest timeshare exchange company in the world consisting of 4,500 member resorts. They have both a points and a weeks membership; we happen to have an RCI points membership which we use with our VI account. Their member benefits include: timeshare exchanges; extra vacationsSM getaways; last callSM vacations; vacation protection insurance; a monthly magazine titled Endless Vacation magazine; combine deposits for higher trading value; extend your deposits for more use time; guest certificates; and more. If any timeshare(s) you own qualify you to join RCI, this membership is one you should take advantage of. Though most quality resorts (except Disney) use II rather than RCI; RCI does have the largest number of resorts with more resorts in foreign countries if you like to travel abroad.

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