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Donald and Deborah PottsLet me introduce ourselves, we are Donald and Deborah Potts. We are living our lifelong dream of a retirement filled with lots of traveling. Our primary residence is our luxury motor coach! You can read more about our luxury condo-on-wheels by visiting the "Our RV" page.

Don fully retired from his law enforcement career as a Deputy Sheriff on August 30, 2010 with 33 years of law enforcement service credit at 50 years of age. Don worked for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD), and then for the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department (SBCSD). He also retired from the military in 2007 as a Sergeant Major (E9) with 28 years of service credit at 46 years of age. His 28 years of military service consisted of 4 years active duty Marine Corps (Infantry, Range Marksmanship Coach, Primary Marksmanship Instructor, & USMC 1stMarDiv Rifle & Pistol Team), 2 years California Army National Guard (Combat Military Police), and 22 years Army Reserve (Military Police Instructor & NCO Academy Instructor). Don also worked part-time for 9 years as a Community College Professor (classroom & online) teaching all of the various courses within the Criminal Justice Associate Degree Program at the Cerro Coso Community College in Ridgecrest, California.

Don's hobbies are RVing, cruising, traveling, sight seeing, computers, hunting, fishing, digital photography, movie collecting, movie watching, listening to music, eating out in various fine dining restaurants, staying in 4 & 5 star resort condo timeshares, financial investing, cryptozoology, & Truther research. Don use to shoot competition firearms in the military and still owns several rifles, pistols, and shotguns for hunting, target shooting, and self/home defense.

Debbie worked in both the banking industry and in the California Community College educational arena for her entire working career. For her last 10 working years she was the Program Coordinator for Community Education/Contract Education at the Victor Valley College in Victorville, California. Deb took a deferred retirement at the end of May 2011 so both of us could start traveling together. Debbie enjoys RVing, cruising, traveling, sight seeing, digital photography, movie watching, listening to music, singing, reading, cooking, and shooting firearms. For about 15 years Debbie also worked as an executive secretary with Home Savings of America (HSA) and Wells Fargo; she also briefly worked as a software analyst with HSA before they were taken over by a merger. Note: Home Savings of America (HSA) was acquired by Washington Mutual (WAMU) which was then acquired by Wells Fargo (WF).

Don has five (05) children consisting of four (04) boys and one (01) girl, and (03) three grandchildren consisting of (02) boys and one (01) girl. My children are named Guy Allen, Ryan Edward, Donald Joseph, Shawn Luis, and Rachel Betsy. All of my children have good careers. I hope to see all of my children from time to time as we travel around the country. I am very proud of my children!

Both of us want to live a long and healthy retirement lifestyle so we will be putting additional efforts into exercise (walking, hiking, biking) and healthy eating.

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